Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CaPas PiP: Juliet Corpuz and Pinaykeypoint

As part of the regular content of this blog, ( CaPas PiP ) I’m suppose to write about our beloved Capas and its people, a Capaseno who made a contribution (whether great or small) in our daily lives. While there are interesting personalities of our cabalens that are worth mentioning in the future, I decided to write about a person who is not a Capaseñan and whom I haven’t met yet personally as of this writing, but whom I think made a difference in the lives of our cabalens and our province. Her name is Juliet Corpuz – Pinatubo Trek organizer, freelance blogger, translator/graphics & web designer.

You read it right. We haven’t met personally but this woman is such an inspiration for me... I accidentally read her blog, pinaykeypoint late 2007 or 2008 when I was helping out a friend searching online for job vacancies at Robinson’s Tarlac.

After reading “A glimpse of the Pearl” and all her articles, I become an instant fan. Although I never follow her publicly (because of my limited knowledge on how to do it, LOL), my online time wouldn’t be complete without checking her blog. I was so amazed to know her story. Without her knowing, she rekindled my passion to write regardless my limited technical know how and my ardent wish to have an editor,hahaha. I considered her my idol/ mentor in putting up my first blog: followed by and this latest blog about Capas. Although unlike her, I never gained huge following and readership except a couple of friends and relatives (LOL again), these blogs become part of my daily life, my outlet of self expression in pursuing and open opportunities particularly on my real estate buy and sell activities.

Going back, Pinaykeypoint became part of my online routine. That’s why, when there are no more updates on her blog after her February 2009 post about Mt. Pinatubo tour; I thought I lost a good read to follow online. That’s about the same time when I got hooked on Facebook and discovered her FB account. Excitedly, I added Mam Juliet and to my surprise, she accepted me. Online fan meet her idol and we occasionally exchange comments and greetings thru FB.

It was last Saturday, March 6,2010, when I have enough time to go online that I checked out her other site: and I’ve also found out that she now have her own domain and discovered that the site is actually a dedicated site in promoting tourism of our town Capas and its famous offering – the Mt. Pinatubo Trekking experience. The site provides detailed information about Mount Pinatubo Trip, routes, fares, food, hotel, travel time and tour guiding services. Judging on the pictures posted and the feedback coming from the Filipino and foreign trekkers, Mam Juliet and her team is doing a great job of excellent promotions by maximizing her knowledge on search engine optimization (SEO) .She also helps the Capas Municipal Tourism’s objective to create a source of livelihood by hiring local and native residents as tour guides and encourages Aeta Village visits and donations of food and used clothing.

The site is commendable and a brilliant idea. It was so overwhelming to know that a person who is not a Capas resident could actually contribute her time, effort and talent to encourage foreign and local tourists to come and visit our hometown in a safe and well-organized manner. On the side, mejo merine kupin uling yaku mismo , eke pa ikit personally ing pagmaragul tamung gateway to Pinatubo! Perhaps, this year matuloy na ing mapopostpone trekking with some of my officemates and friends...

Again, my hurray for Mam Juliet! I really mean it when I said that she can be an adopted daughter of Capas! Thanks for validating our town’s status as the tourist capital of Tarlac. I know there are greater things ahead of her. I wish her goodluck on her plans to become a full time travel agency.

To all my friends and relatives (who composes my readership, LOL), check out Pinaykeypoint site ( for your future treks and explore the beauty of nature at its best! Of course, come across to our beloved Capas as the safest trail to visit Mt. Pinatubo Philippines…

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SNS & mWe!

( MwE- shortcut for me & we)

Bear with me. It's been months since my last blog entry. Although I wanted to give you the latest buzz about Capas, mejo makasad na I wasn't able to update this blog regularly than intended. I wouldn’t say I became too busy. Sabi dapin, “ pag gusto, me paraan, pag ayaw me dahilan, hahaha”. Sige na nga, nanu ing dahilan? The reason I wasn’t able to catch up on my regular blog is because mefocus ku kareng Social Networking Site (SNS). Well, dati naku atin atin Friendster account and FS blog, pro recently I switch to Face Book (FB) and become a certified addict. Honestly, it’s taking much on my online time. Though, this is not my first time to join SNS, FB is the best as far as functionality is concern. All- in -one ya talaga!. You can play games, chat, join fan pages and interact with all sorts of discussion boards; get updates kareng frens and more……

On the “more” side of SNS, I wanted to take advantage on the interactive platform of FB. You can’t blog if can’t organize your thoughts and put into writing. But for SNS like FB, no need for elaborate words! Ita bang picture yamu, makagawa nakang istorya, It’s amuses me on how one picture will trigger off all the reactions in the world. Itang balamu maging simpleng chikahan lang king kanto, hahaha…. Kalupa na ning metung sangkap ning masanting a istorya, atin ya kasing “human interest or personal touch”… ita bang makarelate ka agad….Minsan pin, maski ali ka magcomment ye. Basan mula mu reng comments malibang naka, ewari!

Take for example, deng kabaryo ku king Sto.Rosario, imagine to the highest level na ing pagiging friends! Kanta panga malyaldo, ating paliga basketball po atin mete ( atin kasi sakla,hehe) mula mu atipon at akit deng tiga Small Tokyo, aba ngeni jang buri mung 24/7 maging updated kareng bie daring mika bie, pwde! Through pictures posted, you get to interact with each other whether locally or abroad, kamag anak man, elementary and high school classmates o dating kasiping bale. Balamu megi neng virtual community! Enaku magtaka na king tutuking barangay election, online narin ing botohan! Ka FB nerin ing Kagawad Peds ampo Kapitan Raul so madagul nala advantage, hahaha !

Kadwa, SNS brings out our sense of belongingness and hopefully can unleash our sense of involvement…

As a social being, there’s no doubt that we all need to belong. Kayapin megi lang click deng SNS kasi it bridges us to other people and expand our network. Importante ini lalu na kekatamung Filipino na known for strong family ties, pakikisama and extended families. Pero more than being part of it and showing what you have become after years of no communication, joining SNS is an opportunity to get involve, to learn, to look back on your roots and share a part of yourself. Bakit kaya hundreds are joining groups such as Capas,Tarlac and Taga Tarlac Ako? Local groups lareni pero we feel proud na kayabe tamu as we shout, tiga Capas,Tarlac ku pagmaragul ku. Bakit kaya magi lang interactive reng discussion boards although sometimes very trivial mu topics na pag usupan? Palage ku dahil manintun tamung outlet to voice out what’s on our mind. Not because buri tamung iapakit na magaling tamu pero buri tamung ipakit na mag exist tamu. Pero ali importante ing kabud naka mag-exist diba? Dapat mabyasa tamu rin pantunan ing lugar tamu king lalam ning aldo keng pekasimpleng bage agawa tamu. Posible mu ini nung I involve tamu ing sarili tamu king kapakipakinabang although malating paralan. Tin tamu pwde I contribute, tin tamu pwede gawan. The mere fact you join SNS, you are sharing a part of yourself. It’s a matter of expanding ME into We. mWe- together we can make a difference….

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Capas Day Celebration: ( Supposed 2Be)Update

Kudos to the ,Capasalamatan,CapasNauan, Capas Naman 2009 organizers. It was a successful celebration! The evidence: grabe ing meging traffic ( almost 1 hour from Dolores - Munisipyo) dahil sobrang dakal ing menalbe particularly on the Coronation Night of Ms. Capas, shows dareng Kapamilya Stars ( ot alau man Cristine Reyes?!!!) and concert SPonge Cola. I was supposed to give a photo update but sobrang busy until Wed next week and still need to gather event's highlights ...

So I will keep you posted until then....

Meanwhile, take a peek on the few pix I have: participating float, onlookers / watchers who joined in the annual parade/ motorcade. Our very own CoopBank Capas Info Office also joined the motorcade giving away calendars and candies. It was fun joining the celebration!

Monday, December 7, 2009

CAPASalamatan,CAPASnauan,CAPAS Naman 2009

NunG CAPaSeñO k, DaPat kareNing AcTiVitIES mag JoiN k!
CAPAS DaY ActivitiEs Awaini Na!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CAPAS History

Death March, our History; Progress, our Destiny”

Capas as all other towns in Tarlac province was a part of vast wilderness inhabited by the Abelling tribes known as aetas. The history of Capas dates back in the late 16th century when immigrants from Pampanga, Zambales, Pangasinan and the Ilocos region flock into the settlements. Its considered as oldest town of Tarlac. Capas became a pueblo (town) in 1710 beginning as a sleepy settlement at a place between Cutcut River in Sitio Pagbatuan and Gudya (present site) founded by Kapitan Mariano Capiendo. Capas patron saint is San Nicolas de Tolentino. September 9-10 is the Capas Town Fiesta. Tarlac province was founded on May 28, 1874.

In the course of time townspeople of Capas where ordered by the Spanish authorities to change their family name of their own choosing on condition such family names begins with letter “C” , the first letter of Capas. Descendants of the early inhabitants still hold to this day such family names as Capiendo , Capuno, Capitulo , Capule, Capunpun,Cayabyab, Castañeda and Catacutan..

In the year 1850’s Capas was a part of the western Pampanga Commandancia Militar de Tarlac which includes the town of Bamban, Concepcon, Victoria, O’Donnell, Murcia, Moriones, Florida Blnca, Porac, Mabalacat and Magalang.

O’Donnell ( Patling) was then a bustling pueblo established by the Augustinians Recolletos Mission in the 1800’s named in honor of Carlos O’Donnell y Abreu, the Spanish Minister of State who visited the Patling pueblo. O’Donnell was reverted back as a barrio of Capas by the Philippine Commission of 1902 including Moriones reverted to Tarlac town and Murcia back to Concepcion. Capas is known in history as the site of the infamous death march concentration camp World War II.

Of the etymology of Capas, old folks believed it derived its name from a wild vine “ Capas-capas” or it originated from a tree called Capas in the Aetas dialect, Bulak in Pampango or Capaz in Ilocano.

Capas today is afast developing municipality in the province of Tarlac and in the region, in the fields of agriculture, commerce, industry and infrastructures. This was attained through stewardship of the set of vibrant municipal leaders whole sole Vision and Mission is embodied on their famous battlecry “ Paspas Capas”.

Situated in lahar landia of Tarlac 3rd district, Capas has a total land area of 44,000 hectares, rank 2nd to the town of San Jose. It has 20 barangays, which include the newly created barangay Cristo rey formerly name O’Donnell Resettlement.

Capas has a population of 83,961 (2005 census). It’s now a first class municipality with. It’s now a leading place in the province in terms of new business opportunities especially in the field of tourism.

Capas now is being dubbed as the “Tourism Capaital of Tarlac”. Apart form being known worldwide as the site of infamous death march, it’s now popularly known for “Mt. Pinatubo Trek” where thousands of mountaineers and visitors go to.

A new golf course is also fast developing, the new Asia Golf and Spa. Upon completion, it will be a haven for golf aficionados. Capas is also the site of Arm Forces of the Philippines Light Armor Brigade ( LABde) HQ located in Sta. Lucia. It is also the training center for the Philippine Army and United Nation peace keeping troops.

The continuing mushrooming of various fast food chains along Mc-Arthur Highway in Capas like Mc Donalds, Chowking , Jollibee, Coconut Grill and supermarkets like Massway, Unistar and housing subdivisions have greatly added to the income of Municipality. The Purina Mills Inc. (PMI) is considered to be the biggest single business company in Capas.

Capas today under the leadership of Mayor Reynaldo Lopez Catacutan has continuously led this former Marlboro Country to what it is today. Gone were the days that whenever the word Capas is mentioned, it connotes death march, massacre, killing fields, birth place of insurgency, laharlandia. As Mayor’ ReyCat’s battlecry “Paspas Capas”, the dream of yesterday is now a reality. It’s now a showcase of fast rising community full of hope and aspiration. Years form now, Paspas Capas is envisioned to be the second city of the province of Tarlac.

“All of this progress and development are all attributed to my Cabalens, Sangguniang Bayan and political leaders whose magnanimous supports to my administration has contributed much to the growth we had attained”, says Mayor ReyCat.

Based on: Tarlac Book 2007 Yesterday's History, Today's Legacy by VER BUAN

Monday, November 23, 2009

CaPas-Cafuzz..."Know the LaTest About our Beloved HomeTown".

Bearing the Panlican – Jaime bloodlines of my paternal grand parents who lived and died on this historic and progressive part of Tarlac, this is my humble contribution for my beloved hometown- Capas. This blog aims to give relevant information about the rich history of Capas, its people, the bustling business opportunities it offers especially as Tourism Capital of Tarlac, other related issues such as politics, religion and any other buzz, upcoming events or activities that every Capaseño can take a peek and experience for themselves.

Are you away from home?
Never miss your hometown anymore.

Everything you need, to get the latest about Capas, Tarlac, Philippines.

The blog name Capas-cafusz is a derivation from the local flower “capas-capas” wherein the town name was likewise derived. The word “cafusz” is added to create excitement, a show of flattering attention and intense feeling thus, making us even prouder to announce “Tiga Capas ku, Pagmaragul Cu”.

Tiga CaPAS kaba? Join me NOW and share your thoughts... Contributions and articles are welcome!