Sunday, December 13, 2009

Capas Day Celebration: ( Supposed 2Be)Update

Kudos to the ,Capasalamatan,CapasNauan, Capas Naman 2009 organizers. It was a successful celebration! The evidence: grabe ing meging traffic ( almost 1 hour from Dolores - Munisipyo) dahil sobrang dakal ing menalbe particularly on the Coronation Night of Ms. Capas, shows dareng Kapamilya Stars ( ot alau man Cristine Reyes?!!!) and concert SPonge Cola. I was supposed to give a photo update but sobrang busy until Wed next week and still need to gather event's highlights ...

So I will keep you posted until then....

Meanwhile, take a peek on the few pix I have: participating float, onlookers / watchers who joined in the annual parade/ motorcade. Our very own CoopBank Capas Info Office also joined the motorcade giving away calendars and candies. It was fun joining the celebration!

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